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Millin Associates LLC

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Millin Associates is a full-service medical billing and technology firm with a solid 30+ year track record.

Your challenge: Staying in control of an evolving revenue cycle management

As Managed Care Organizations take over the reimbursement responsibilities from Medicaid, the billing process for Health & Human Service agencies is becoming increasingly burdensome and complicated. Each MCO has its own set of unique rules, requirements and updates. Agencies like yours cannot afford to sit by as denied claims increase and overall reimbursement continues to shrink.

Our solution: Helping clients attain maximum efficiencies while reducing operating costs

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At Millin Associates, we focus on helping Health & Human Service Agencies including Intellectual/Developmental Disability, Health Homes, Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse, Primary Care and Foster Care Providers navigate their many challenges and ensure they receive the reimbursement they’ve earned.

Some agencies maintain a great billing staff but lack a comprehensive user-friendly system. Our MillinPro system contains a built-in rules engine that is continuously updated as the rules change, eliminating human error and the necessity of tracking every nuance.

Other agencies have identified gaps in their billing process that can benefit from full outsourcing. Millin Associates’ billing experts can manage all your billing needs from eligibility verification to working your denials.