What’s new at Millin Associates in 2017?

The tremendous growth we’ve had in 2016 does not seem to slow down and for that, we would like to thank our current clients and look forward to assisting additional agencies that choose to partner with Millin.

Considering we now serve over 150 Health & Human service agencies in NY State, Millin is going to setup an online user group that clients can access to communicate with each other; bounce off ideas, ask questions, identify if other agencies are having similar issues that you may be having, share best practice workflows, seek collaboration with industry colleagues, etc…
Stay tuned as we implement this in the 2nd quarter.

Millin will continue to provide informational and educational webinars throughout the year for the various types of agencies it services (OASAS, OMH, OPWDD, DOH, Health Homes, OCFS).
In addition to Millin’s webinar, we are inviting industry experts to provide you with valuable information you need to keep up with. The webinars will cover topics like, compliance, coding, human resource, legal, financial audits, etc… If there are specific topics you would like us to cover or if you have expertise you would like to share with others, feel free to contact us at solutions@millinmedical.com

SOLUTION OF THE MONTH: CMA/Health Home aging claims report

Every month you can look to the SOLUTION OF THE MONTH to provide you with useful guidance to the ever changing billing process.

With the 12/1/16 transition of Legacy CMA Billing moving to the Health Homes, all CMA’s billing process is flowing through the various Health Homes.

Which report should you be running to accurately identify your aging claims?
If you are working with one of the 15 Health Homes that are using the MillinPro system to process claims, you most likely have access to the MillinPro CMA Portal providing you with all the transactional details including the ability to run various reports which can be exported into excel.

Conventional wisdom would dictate that you would use the “date of service” when running an aging report. However, the DOH billing rules require the Health Homes to submit claims with the 1st of the month as date of service, regardless of when the service occurred during that month. Therefore, when running an aging report in the MillinPro CMA Portal, you should consider using the “invoice date” instead. This will be a more realistic parameter when it comes to the Health Home billing process.

For more information about the MillinPro Health Home billing services and system and our unique CMA portal please contact us at solutions@millinmedical.com.

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