Webinar: OPWDD CCO/Health Home Billing Process

This webinar will focus on the anticipated billing process and tools CCO/HH will need to have in place. Considering the first year CCO/HH will not employ all care coordinators but instead will contract with agencies to provide this service, adds a layer of complexity in the billing structure that needs to be efficiently managed. Millin Associates currently works with nearly half the Health Homes in NY State that have been established to serve the behavioral health population and will share its experience as it relates to the billing process and discuss some of the anticipated differences.


  • Creating trust and transparency between the MSC agencies and the CCO/Health Home around the billing process and payments.
  • Managing claims from internal care coordinators vs. agency contracted care coordinators.
  • Claim submission process: Medicaid vs. Managed Care
  • Will you still need to submit claims if the MCO is part of the CCO/Health Home.
  • How the MillinPro Revenue Cycle Management system can assist you in streamlining the billing process.

Attendees are welcome to participate in the Q & A

Register here for the August 16 webinar at 12pm.

Space is limited

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