SOLUTION OF THE MONTH: Are you having issues posting 835 ERA’s?

With the transition of OTP, 822, ACT, and PROS from Medicaid to Managed Care, it appears many agencies are having trouble posting 835 ERA’s into their respective billing system.

In many instances the various Managed Care plans are submitting 835 ERA’s that are somewhat different than the Medicaid FFS ERA’s.

Millin Associates experts were able to quickly identify the differences with the multitude of payers and configure the MillinPro system to accept the posting of the 835 ERA’s. This process is critical as the rate of denials and underpayments have increased under Managed Care and without the ability to post payments, agencies are unable to properly review their accounts receivables and appeal claims as necessary and within the timely filing limits. For additional information about the MillinPro billing system and services, please contact

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