Millin’s Professional Development Series Continues

The webinar last month which was presented by Joshua Rubin on the topic “What Your Agency Needs to Know about Value Based Payments” received tremendously positive feedback from the attendees – Thank you Josh for the great presentation! We recognize the registration reached full capacity very quickly and many more people wanted to register. Feel free to contact us for a recording of last month’s presentation.

We have another great presentation coming up this month you won’t want to miss! The professional development webinar will take place on Wednesday May 31st at 12 P.M.

Presenter: Laura Langner from Complete Compliance Solutions

Topic: “Audit Ready Documentation”

In this presentation, Laura Langner from Complete Compliance Solutions will discuss Audit Ready Documentation. This webinar will provide an overview of the required components of both a note and a treatment plan in order to support billing. Laura will discuss how a Treatment Plan acts as the prescription for serve and the importance of amendments throughout the course of treatment. Finally, Laura will discuss the difference between a treatment plans review date versus an expiration date.

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SOLUTION OF THE MONTH How To: Using the Batched Claim Status

Every month you can look to the SOLUTION OF THE MONTH to provide you with useful guidance to the ever changing billing process.

The following is a quick tutorial on the Batched Claim Status feature on you MillniPro Dashboard.

In MillinPro you will see the option at the top of your dashboard. This will list all of your open claims, claims that have been sent to the payer with no remittance returned. These open claims will also be aged, so that you can monitor your claims as they start to age out of the <30 day bucket and follow-up with the payer to assure they have the claim and are in the process of adjudicating the claim. By clicking on any of the aging buttons, this will filter just those claims that are in that aging bucket. This feature should be an integral part of your overall revenue cycle management workflow. Timely followup around open claims is as important as your denial followup and proper payment appeals. For more information about the MillinPro billing system and services, please contact us at

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