Millin Announces: MillinPro now supports CCBHC Billing

On July 1st, 2017 New York State kicked off a demonstration program called the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic or CCBHC.

Millin has been working closely with the State and agencies that are using MillinPro who approved for this pilot. The MillinPro now supports the billing process for CCBHC and has the required rules and regulations incorporated into the system.

If you are a CCBHC approved agency and require assistance with the billing process, feel free to contact as at or (516) 374-4530 ext.5910

SOLUTION OF THE MONTH How To: Use the MillinPro Global Search feature

MillinPro has a quick and easy way to conduct global searches. Look at the upper right side of the screen where you will see a search box. This is located next to the greeting box.

From any screen in the system you can use the global search to easily find:

  • Client Information (Name, ID, Medical Record #, Etc.)
  • Invoice #
  • Claim Batch #
  • Procedure (Code or Description)
  • Diagnosis (Code or Description)
  • Provider
  • Rate Code

For more information about the MillinPro billing system and services, please contact us at

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