July 19 Webinar: OPWDD Respite Billing Changes

OPWDD released last week the specifications of the Respite program changes that are taking effect July 1, 2017. The changes in the methodology could present agencies with challenges in the way services are billed.

Millin Associates will present a webinar on July 19 at 12PM with solutions to these challenges and discuss the new billing requirements for these services.

Feel free to register here to join this webinar presentation. (space is limited)

SOLUTION OF THE MONTH How To: Invoice Search

Every month you can look to the SOLUTION OF THE MONTH to provide you with useful guidance to the ever changing billing process.

The following is a quick tutorial on the Invoice Search feature in your Reports section of MillinPro.

The Invoice Search feature in the MillinPro Reports module is the best way to quickly filter for claims you are looking for in the system. Based on the search criteria entered, this feature will return the claims that meet that criteria.

Combining your search with multiple filters is fully supported as well. For example, searching denial reasons (Reason Code & Remark Code) and then by a specific payer can easily identify a pattern for any given denial code. These patterns are helpful in communicating and resolving issues with the payers.

You can easily export to Excel the results of your search by clicking the Excel icon in the upper right hand corner of your search results.

For more information about the MillinPro billing system and services, please contact us at solutions@millinmedical.com.

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