OPWDD CCO Health Home Billing System and Process

OPWDD released the specifications of the Respite program changes that took effect July 1, 2017. The changes in the methodology could present agencies with challenges in the way services are billed. Millin Associates presented this webinar on July 19 at 12PM with solutions to these challenges and discuss the new billing requirements for these services.

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Audit Ready Documentation

In this presentation, Laura Langner from Complete Compliance Solutions (CCS) discusses Audit Ready Documentation. This webinar provides an overview of the required components of both a note and a treatment plan in order to support billing. We discuss how a Treatment Plan acts as the prescription for serve and the importance of amendments throughout the course of treatment. Finally, we discuss the difference between a treatment plans review date versus an expiration date.

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What your agency needs to know about Value Based Payments

04/19/17: In this presentation, Joshua Rubin from Health Management Associates discusses New York State’s move to Value-Based Payments, including both the promise and peril for community-based agencies of the transition. In addition, he discusses the ways in which agencies can determine their readiness, and steps they can take (both tactical and strategic) to ensure that VBP works for them and the people they serve.

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MillinPro Billing Portal for CMAs

Millin Associates is presenting a webinar training that focuses on the MillinPro Billing Portal functionality available to the CMA’s thus providing full transparency of the billing process and payments.

The training includes:
– High-Level Dashboard with drill-down capability
– Live claims payment status
– Ability to communicate via its issue tracker to resolve outstanding issues
– Reporting module

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HCBS MillinPro Billing Process

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