Revenue cycle management is all about teamwork.

Millin Associates offers over three decades of proven knowledge in all the billing procedures, requirements, regulations, and unique conditions involved in billing and processing for Intellectual/Developmental Disability, Foster Care/Children’s Services, Health Homes, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Primary Care settings.

Foster Care/Children’s Services

Children’s services are currently going through major transformations. These changes are having a significant impact on the billing process as existing and new services are transitioning from Medicaid to Medicaid Managed Care. Millin’s past Managed Care transition expertise and experience for adult behavioral health services is of tremendous value for providers currently transitioning to CFTSS, HCBS, and Article 29-I. With Millin’s solutions, agencies can ensure they are receiving full and timely payments.

  • HCBS
  • Article 29-I

Intellectual/Developmental Disability

The billing process for I/DD providers has become increasingly complicated while reimbursement continues to shrink. With the increase of self-directed services and Care Coordination Organizations (CCO’s) and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) being added to the mix, it is more vital than ever to ensure that proper solutions are in place. With today’s tight budgets, most agencies do not have the luxury of writing off claims and learning from mistakes over time. Millin offers invaluable expertise and system solutions to confidently navigate this revenue cycle maze for:

  • IRA
  • ICF
  • Community Habilitation
  • Day Habilitation
  • Self-Directed Services
  • MSC
  • CSS
  • Respite
  • TBI
  • SEMP
  • NHTD
  • Pre Voc
  • Therapy Services – Article 16
  • … and many more.

Health Homes

With the influx of patients being approved for outreach and care management, it is critical to have the right revenue cycle management systems and services in place to handle the increase in claims volume and data communication between the Health Homes and Care Management Agencies (CMAs). Millin provides revenue cycle management expertise and software solutions to tackle this unique billing process, including:

  • Integrate the MAPP Billing Support Download File (BSDF) for billing purposes
  • Reconcile the billing to the most current information in the BSDF – Add/Void process
  • Process HARP assessments
  • Quickly adapt to the ongoing payer and regulatory changes thanks to our agile rules engine
  • Manage Medicaid FFS and Medicaid Managed Care
  • Integrate with your accounting system
  • Communicate claims data between the Health Home and the CMA through its web-based portal

As a result, Health Homes can provide full transparency to CMAs through live access to payment/pending/denial status and resolve any outstanding claims issues through the centralized MillinPro issue tracker. Health Homes can also ensure each CMA has access only to claims pertaining specifically to the patients they provided services for.

Mental Health

With the introduction of new billing requirements, HCBS services and the multitude of managed care organizations, the billing process for OMH providers has transformed dramatically – and the changes keep coming, with value based payments (VBP). The change from Medicaid FFS to Medicaid Managed Care billing has been challenging for agencies that are not using MillinPro. Residential services will also face obstacles in the near future when MCO’s are introduced for those programs. The rules and regulations frequently vary from one payer to the next, with subtleties that can be challenging to track. MillinPro’s proprietary rules engine, APG calculator and billing expertise are increasingly essential in keeping apprised of the vast number of changes, helping providers avoid leaving revenue on the table or end up out of compliance. Our APG and managed care experts are here to provide knowledgeable support for the entire revenue cycle management process for:

  • Outpatient Mental Health – Article 31
  • Apartment Treatment Program
  • Community Residence
  • Case Management
  • CDT
  • ACT
  • PROS
  • HCBS

Substance Use

Substance use providers are now exposed to Managed Care Organizations and the significant changes in the billing process. This change has required providers to rethink their entire billing workflow and cashflow in order to ensure their sustainability to continue providing services. Each Managed Care plan maintains its own set of regulations, including APG rules. Providers often times are faced with identifying whether billing rejections and denials are due to their own system flaws, the MCO’s system flaws or the clearinghouse. Rest assured with Millin’s expertise, software and service solutions, it is possible to confidently navigate this cumbersome maze.

  • Outpatient Substance Abuse – Article 32
  • Opioid Treatment
  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Residential Treatment – 820

Primary Care

Article 28s have contracted with Managed Care Organizations for quite some time and are the first providers that complied with Medicaid’s APG rules. Unfortunately, with low reimbursement and continuous regulatory changes, the billing process remains a complicated one. FQHCs provide thousands of services annually and continue to grow. While they had the ability to opt out of the APG rules and are still entitled to “wrap around” funds, challenges that focus on the volume of claims and intricate rules are ever-present. Millin provides the vital resources and systems to support small and large agencies in ensuring maximum efficiencies and reimbursement.

  • Primary Care – Article 28
  • Primary Care – FQHC

Our Association Memberships

We started our transition to Millin in 2017.  The conversion process itself was smooth and we were able to shut down our legacy system and “go live” with Millin the next day.  We run a very large system with billing in excess of $160 million.  The transition process was extremely important to us. We received initial training and have had all of our subsequent questions answered in a very timely manner.  The team at Millin is always willing to discuss and respond  to our needs.

The system has a vast library of available reports and we have had great success in pulling required information from the system for financial and audit requirements.

Jodi Mandel, Director of Revenue Management, YAI

On behalf of the New York State Office of Mental Health, I want to thank you for bringing several potential behavioral health managed care billing problems to our attention. Your work with us, the Plans and providers to develop solutions has been extremely helpful.

Gary Weiskopf, Associate Commissioner, New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH)

It has been about one year since we decided to contract with Millin Associates for our billing service needs.  My only regret is that we did not switch (sooner) prior to the Managed Care implementation.  The worry is gone from billing and the support is excellent. Thank you!

Larry G. Fruit, Executive Director/CEO, Success Counseling Services, Inc.

I am writing to sincerely thank Millin Associates for bringing claim submission and adjudication issues to the attention of OASAS, OMH and DOH during the transition to Medicaid Managed Care in New York City. We appreciate the work that Millin did to carefully research provider to plan submission, rejection and denial issues. This careful review helped identify significant issues very early in the process, which allowed us to work quickly to mitigate the problems with payments to providers.

Patricia Lincourt, Director, NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS)

Millin Associates have been handling our billing for a few years now and they have done an excellent job. Their customer service is superior – they are always there for us.

Hilda Escher, President & CEO, Ibero-American Action League, Inc.

The Collaborative for Children and Families (CCF) is fortunate to be a customer of Millin Associates, LLC.   When making the decision on which vendor to select, it was an easy one to make.  The staff at Millin have taken the time to support and assist CCF with understanding the complexities of starting to build an infrastructure to support our Health Home Billing system.  CCF is fortunate to have a dedicated team working in partnership with us.  The staff at Millin have gone above and beyond the role of billing vendors.  They have truly become a member of our staff.  The level of attention and communication is unlike any other vendor we have worked with.  From the administrative office staff to the CFO and VP, Millin makes it their business to help us find solutions to challenges.  No challenge is too big for them.

Jodi A. Saitowitz, LCSW-R, Executive Director, Collaborative for Children and Families, Inc.

I am very pleased and most highly recommend MillinPro for billing and reporting needs. The software is easy to use and the staff is just as exceptional.  They are also very courteous and knowledgeable when answering any questions you may have on the billing process.

Kathleen O’Connor, Billing Specialist, Catholic Charities of Broome County

We currently use the Millin Pro system for our Health Home and Mental Health Program. Our experience with the system has been extremely positive. The workflow and user interface is exceptionally well designed. The rules engine and issue tracker are very impressive features. Above all their support staff is very responsive and extremely knowledgeable with the various billing rules. This is critical to us as we are facing so many regulatory and managed care changes. The investment in the Millin system is definitely paying off for us.

Shrikant Vardhan, Senior Accountant, Buffalo Federation of Neighborhood Centers

We implemented the MillinPro system in our clinic and the results have been quite impressive. We operate an Article 16 and Article 28 clinic for the DD population, and the billing processes for each have their complexities. Their implementation team worked with us every step of the way, to make the transition as smooth as possible. Their development team is excellent, they really have an understanding of our needs and have been most accommodating. The various reports are great, and very flexible. The issue tracker is a true innovation, and in general the software allows us to track all claims efficiently. The result has been a great improvement in cash flow, as well as in maximizing reimbursement. They really have come up with a great product, which they continue to improve.

Nechemia Schorr, Controller, HASC

The product and services provided by Millin Associates have given clarity to our billing that has exceeded our expectations.  This has enabled us to collect our receivables timely, thereby providing a positive impact to our cash flow.  The Millin staff’s knowledge and experience in resolving billing issues as well as their timeliness in responding to inquiry has made them a pleasure to work with.  We are most appreciative of all the improvements they have made possible.

Lisa Sammon, Director of Accounting & Financial Reporting, SCO Family of Services

MillinPro has helped us with our billing needs even with the complexity of the healthcare reimbursement system.  The software and customer support have been excellent. Thank you.

Raul Perez de Tagle, Finance Manager, Lifespire

I would highly recommend the MillinPro software solution.  The integration and support staff have made the transition to full implementation relatively easy.  MillinPro integrates seamlessly with our EMR. When something as important as maintaining cash flow is on the line, it’s essential to have confidence in the tool you are implementing, and the MillinPro software and staff positioned us for success from the start.  We are thrilled with the product!

William Sammis, Chief Executive Officer, CRVI

We have utilized Millin’s billing services for over six years.  During this time, the service has more than paid for itself through increased collection of fees.  I highly recommend MillinPro for successful medical billing.

Thomas Watson, Chief Financial Officer, Search For Change

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