Millin Associates LLC

Millin Associates LLC

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Revenue Cycle Management Services and Systems


Why Choose Us

Millin Associates is a specialist in supporting Health & Human Services agencies identify and eliminate gaps in their revenues since 1982.  Today – as Medicaid withdraws from the reimbursement business and hands it over to various Management Care Organizations – our services have become not just valuable, but essential.

Can you benefit from our expertise?  Ask yourself these crucial questions…

What does it really cost for you to get paid? What is your blended encounter rate? How many billing FTEs are currently working on your billing process and how much do they cost you in the long run? How vulnerable are you if you were to lose a biller? Are you able to keep up with all the regulatory and payer changes?

If the answers aren’t entirely to your satisfaction, then it’s time to speak with Millin Associates.

With over three decades of I/DD and Behavioral Health industry experience, we can help you increase efficiencies and reduce or even eliminate denials. We can make a difference to your bottom line so that you can continue focusing on providing the vital services our communities need.

Revenue cycle management is all about teamwork.


 We offer one of the most knowledgeable staffs in the industry, comprised of a group of expert and specialists.

  •  I/DD billing experts
  • Behavioral health billing experts
  • Subtance abuse billing experts
  • Article 28/FQHC billing experts
  • APG experts
  • Health Home experts
  • Certified coders
  • Billing analysts
  • Accounts receivable specialists
  • Account managers
  • IT R&D team
  • Compliance and regulatory specialists
  • Executives


Millin Associates is endorsed by the following associations:

  • ASAP (Alcohol and Substance Abuse Providers of NY)
  • The Coalition of Behavioral Health Agencies
  • COMPA (Committee of Methadone Program Administrators)