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EMR Integration

Since 1982, Millin Associates has been helping New York state medical facilities improve their processes and bill for their services more effectively. In today’s healthcare industry, efficient EMR integration is a large part of this.

If your organization regularly invoices OPWDD, OMH, OASAS, DOH or any other New York state agency, MillinPro can connect your billing and EMR. Not only is your workflow streamlined, but you also get greater insight into your finances.

MillinPro Integrates With The EMR of Your Choice

One of the key advantages of MillinPro is that it doesn’t replace your existing EMR platforms. Rather, it works with them, providing superior functionality without requiring retraining of your staff.

Through either a batch-data transfer or an HL7-approved interface, claims that are ready to be billed out are automatically transferred from your EMR software into the program. From there, invoices are checked against our cloud-based rules engine to ensure compliance with any required billing protocol. This reduces the amount of work associated with resubmitting invoices and eliminates the need for ongoing staff training as new regulations are introduced.

Wouldn’t it be great if your organization were able to satisfy both your clinical staff and financial staff without compromise? Now it can. The MillinPro system easily integrates with the EMR of your choice. You can select the EMR that best fits your organization’s needs and still integrate it with the best-of-class billing and reporting system.

Millin Associates partners with you to identify the best integration path for your agency. We are capable of performing HL7 integrations as well as importing claims and demographic data reports.

Using multiple EMR systems within your agency?

If you’re using a number of EMR systems that each specialize in particular services, you are likely already facing these challenges:

Running the same financial reports out of each system.
Somehow, they never align and are require countless hours of data manipulation and frustration.

Requiring billers to learn multiple systems.
This process can be very confusing and increases error rates…not to mention the high cost of labor for performing the same functions multiple times from different systems.

Why not link all your EMR systems into one integrated billing and reporting system?

Revenue Cycle Management and Reporting

Processing all of your Medicaid claims though MillinPro allows for more incisive, easier reporting than your existing EMR platforms. MillinPro eliminates the need for running multiple versions of the same report on different systems, giving you a better picture of your finances throughout the revenue cycle.

When you have fast access to accurate reporting, passing a HIPAA or other audit is easy. It also allows for ongoing monitoring of your financials and other key performance indicators.

Why MillinPro?

When you use MillinPro with the EMR of your choice, you can take advantage of a best-in-class billing and reporting tool designed specifically for New York state service providers. This lets you get the most benefit out of your existing resources while gaining the peace of mind that your billing and reporting is being processed as efficiently as possible.

When you use MillinPro for all your financial and billing requirements, you’ll save time now spent in managing the billing process and running reports. You’ll also…

  • Manage labor more efficiently through redundant staff that knows one system well.
  • Ensure best practice billing workflow.
  • Increase cash low and reduce unnecessary write-offs.

Your bottom line:

Whether you are using just one or multiple EMR systems, you now can provide your clinical staff with the EMR of its choice while integrating the cutting-edge MillinPro Billing & Reporting system. That gives you peace of mind,